Welcome to my blog!

Hello, dear reader!

My name’s Ellis Reed. A couple of months ago—driven by mad patriotic zeal and a simultaneous urge to crap my pants in fright—I started watching as many British horror films as I could.

I’ve started this blog so I can review them. I mainly want to talk about films I like, so there won’t be any complete stinkers on here (at least, not according to my own palate) and disappointing films will be mentioned less often. In a sense, it’s more about recommendations than reviews. So, if you want to read a mostly positive blog, strap yourself in and enjoy!

For the purposes of this blog, a production counts as a “British film” if it meets the following requirements:

  • It’s a British production or co-production, according to reliable sources like IMDb;
  • The setting and characters are British, or key creatives were British.

This gives me the freedom to cover less obvious entries like The Other Side of the Door, which is about an American family in India—because it was co-produced by a British company, and directed and co-written by a Brit. However, the main purpose of the blog will be to celebrate little-known films that are unmistakably British, so I will use this freedom sparingly.

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