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Hello, dear reader! My name’s Ellis Reed. A couple of months ago—driven by mad patriotic zeal and a simultaneous urge to crap my pants in fright—I started watching as many British horror films as I could. I’ve started this blog so I can review them. I mainly want to talk about films I like, so... Continue Reading →

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Hollower (2016)

Hollower is a prequel to Slasher House by MJ Dixon. We enjoyed it as a standalone feature on Amazon Prime. https://youtu.be/SAku5OB-dkw MJ Dixon (aka Mycho Entertainment) is known for a franchise called the Mychoverse, which comprises Slasher House, Slasher House 2, and various spin-offs. At the time of writing, there are nine movies in total,... Continue Reading →

Habit (2017)

The Habit, by Simeon Halligan, is a unique film set in gloomy Manchester. It’s based on a novel by Stephen McGeach and we gobbled it up it on Amazon Prime. https://youtu.be/FICKGFO2TdI After a childhood trauma, two siblings respond in two different ways. Michael (played by Elliot Langridge) grows up to be a dropout, sharing a... Continue Reading →

The Sonata (2018)

The Sonata was directed and co-written by Paris-based Londoner Andrew Desmond. We watched it on Amazon Prime. https://youtu.be/9kOc1xJ3mMM You might have noticed that I spend a lot of time navel-gazing about the name of my blog, and wondering if a film does (or doesn’t) fall within the purview I’ve arbitrarily given myself. In production terms,... Continue Reading →

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