The Sonata (2018)

Rose (Freya Tingley) is a professional violinist. Unknown to the masses, she’s also the estranged daughter of British composer Richard Marlowe (Rutger Hauer), who withdrew from the limelight to dabble in the occult...

The Droving (2020)

The setup is a “jazz standard” of horror. Troubled soldier Martin (Daniel Oldroyd) wants to know what happened to his sister, who vanished during a strange rural festival...

Charismata (2017)

In Charismata, troubled Detective Faraway—a superb performance by Sarah Beck Mather—investigates some gruesome ritual murders, all the while rubbing up against her horrible male colleagues...

In the Dark Half (2012)

In this haunting tale, fifteen year old Marie (Jessica Barden) babysits for her neighbour: a poacher called Filthy (Tony Curran), who knows old stories about the spirits on the hill. The night ends in tragedy when his son is found dead...

A Dark Song (2016)

Grieving mother Sophia rents a cottage to perform an occult ritual. Her mentor—freelance occultist Joseph Solomon—warns her that the task is non-trivial. “Done this three times,” he says frankly. “Once it worked, twice it didn’t...”

The Jack in the Box (2019)

The Jack in the Box is a straightforward proposition for a horror fan. If you watch the trailer (or even just read the title) you know exactly what kind of movie you’re getting and the production values you can fairly expect. While it won’t win prizes for originality, the good news is that Lawrence Fowler’s second full-length feature is a very solid example of the form...

Ghost Stories (2017)

Ghost Stories had everything I could hope for. Not just one but three spooky stories. Top British talent, including Hollywood darling Martin Freeman (he’ll always be Dr John Watson to me) and comedy veteran Paul Whitehouse. It’s Certified Fresh™ on Rotten Tomatoes. What more could I ask for?

Slumber (2017)

The premise is spooky and intriguing. A boy with sleep paralysis is brought to a specialist, Alice, who’s played by the surprisingly-named (and very able) Maggie Q...

Unholy (2015)

I’d seen this offered on Prime before, but something about the trailer put me off. The footage looked fairly lo-fi—I watched it on my phone, which can’t have helped—and the acting seemed a bit naff. However, now I’ve taken the plunge, I can report that Unholy is an indie delight: well-shot, well-directed, and built around a first-class performance by Kellie Goudie.

The Demonic Tapes (2017)

Sometimes a film surprises you. Sometimes it surprises you so much that you try to make all your friends watch it, and even become a weird sort of evangelist for it. That’s the situation I’m in with The Demonic Tapes.

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