Redwood (2017)

Josh (Mike Beckingham) and Beth (Tatjana Inez Nardone) are hiking through the prehistoric gloom of a national park... Buffy star Nicholas Brendon has a small but effective role as a dour park ranger, who dials up the dread when he warns the hikers to stay on the trail.  After they ignore him, they meet a pack of feral vampires, and the film shifts from slow-burn horror to high stake action...

Double Date (2017)

The story sees 30 year old Jim (Danny Morgan) being urged to lose his virginity by best friend and would-be wingman Alex (Michael Socha). They fall prey to a pair of murderous women: femme fatale Kitty (played by Kelly Wenham) and her reluctant sister Lulu (Georgia Groome)...

Don’t Let Them In (2020)

Social workers Jenna (Michelle Luther) and Karl (Aidan O’Neill) visit a convicted murderer, David (Scott Suter). He's been released into the wild after fifteen years in jail, and when they find his address, it's a wonderfully derelict pub called the Twelve Bells. He seems unwell and holds them at gunpoint, convinced they'll let his tormentors in...

Webcast (2018)

After enjoying Death of a Vlogger, I realised I'd commited a major oversight on my blog: I've never reviewed Webcast, which is a strong contender for my favourite found footage of all time...

Death of a Vlogger (2019)

Because of the great word of mouth, I've been waiting to see Death of a Vlogger for a while. The good news is, I wasn't disappointed. If you're worried that the first hour of the film will be doors silently opening by themselves, rest assured that, by found footage standards, escalation is quite brisk.

Hollower (2016)

Hollower uses the framing device of a police interview. Nathan (played by Adam Dillon) has clearly done something bad. Sitting opposite is Detective James Miller, or none other than B-movie legend Nicholas Vince (aka the Chatterer cenobite!) without his teeth in...

The Village in the Woods (2019)

The recipe for folk horror is quite simple. You need a remote location, a horrible tradition that survived the Christianisation of Europe, and at least one unwitting visitor. (Many Lovecraft stories share these features, but folk horror is more likely to have a morris dance.)

Habit (2017)

After a childhood trauma, two siblings respond in two different ways. Michael (played by Elliot Langridge) grows up to be a dropout, sharing a Manchester flat with his obnoxious man-child of a best friend. Sister Mand (played by Sally Carman) ends up with a good job, which means she can look after Michael, but suffers from depression and bouts of anger...

The Torment (2010)

One of the great pleasures of this blog is finding an overlooked gem of a film. It doesn’t have to be Citizen Kane; it just has to be a nice tight package with good pacing, good acting, good story and good production. I’m ten years late in discovering The Torment, but it definitely fits the bill.

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