Slumber (2017)

The premise is spooky and intriguing. A boy with sleep paralysis is brought to a specialist, Alice, who’s played by the surprisingly-named (and very able) Maggie Q...

Unholy (2015)

I’d seen this offered on Prime before, but something about the trailer put me off. The footage looked fairly lo-fi—I watched it on my phone, which can’t have helped—and the acting seemed a bit naff. However, now I’ve taken the plunge, I can report that Unholy is an indie delight: well-shot, well-directed, and built around a first-class performance by Kellie Goudie.

The Demonic Tapes (2017)

Sometimes a film surprises you. Sometimes it surprises you so much that you try to make all your friends watch it, and even become a weird sort of evangelist for it. That’s the situation I’m in with The Demonic Tapes.

The Isle (2018)

If you’re in the mood for supernatural drama, you could do a lot worse than looking here. The Isle begins in the 19th Century, when three sailors—played by Alex Hassell, Graham Butler and Fisayo Akinadein—reach a misty Scottish island on a lifeboat...

The Hallow (2015)

You might not know this—I certainly didn’t—but more than half the forests in Ireland are owned by a company, which is owned in turn by the Irish government. In the early years of the decade, there was talk of selling it to private owners. From these tangled branches fell the seed of an idea, which landed in the fertile brain of Corin Hardy...

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